Wedding Trends: What 2019 Has In Store

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This is the year of bold statements and creative ideas when it comes to the newest wedding trends. Couples will be showcasing their true colors and incorporating every bit of their personalities into their big day. From audacious attire to your not-so-traditional venue selection, 2019 will be sure to break the mold when it comes to trends.

Statement lapels

Photo of Wedding TrendsContrary to what some may believe, not all suits and tuxedos are created equal. When it comes down to what can make one suit stand out more than the other, lapel styles play a key factor, and they are definitely a part of the wedding trends we are seeing this year. There are three lapel styles that can make a groom’s suit or tuxedo really pop, and they are a notched, peak, and shawl lapel. Grooms will make a statement in these lapels that feature bold colors and patterns as a way to make their fashion mark on their special day.

Mixed Metals

No longer is there an unwritten rule saying you have to choose between one metal or the other, and this year will prove that. We will be seeing brides combining their favorite metals together to create a show-stopping pairing of their engagement rings and bands. Whether it be rose gold with silver or bronze with gold, the choices are endless and certainly encouraged! If you are in need of some visual inspiration, consider browsing through online jewelry sites that carry a ton of different color metal wedding ring options. This will give you a closer look into just how hot this new mixed metal trend actually is!

Unique Venues

In this year’s wedding trends,  we will be seeing couples getting very creative when it comes to the selection of their wedding venues. While traditional church weddings will forever be an option for some couples, some unique ideas that we have seen thus far include museums, wineries, and outside botanical gardens. With greenery being a major hit this year, we will be seeing lots of it intertwined as part of the decor, along with pops of hues that couples choose as their color palette. With unique venues comes the opportunity to capture beautiful photos of the wedding party from your experienced photographer. If you have certain photos in mind that you’d like captured, be sure to let your photographer know ahead of time. If not, just let them do what they do best.Photo of 2019 Wedding Trends

Bold Bows

Whether it be worn by the bride or the groom, we will be seeing a lot of bold bows this year.  For brides, they add a girly, whimsical touch to the ensemble, whether it be an accent on the dress or worn as an accessory. We will be seeing a lot more grooms opting for bow ties over your traditional tie, giving us a more playful and refined look. In addition to the classic bow tie, grooms will also be incorporating bold patterns and colors with a complimentary pocket square to complete the look. Best of all, they add that “wow” factor to any look.

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