Outfits for Engagement Photos | 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Couple at Crandon Park Beach, Key Biscayne | Outfits for Engagement Photos

Outfits for engagement photos can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time getting professional photos. Nevertheless, after months of anticipation, the time has finally come to get your engagement photos taken with your soon-to-be partner. And you may be feeling a little stressed about what outfits you should wear. No problem! I got you!

Hello, I’m Antonio, an award-winning photographer, and owner of White House Wedding Photography. I’ve written this post to help couples like you relieve the tension of deciding on their outfits for their engagement photo shoot. This post will give you 5 tips to keep in mind when deciding what outfits to wear to your engagement session. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Staying True to Who You Are When Selecting Outfits for Engagement Photos

The key word here is you. When figuring out what outfits to wear for engagement photos, think about what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Remember that you will look back on these pictures and share them with families and friends for many years.  

Preparing for your engagement session is not the time to go outside your fashion zone and experiment with outfits for engagement pictures. Instead, stay true to yourself and pick clothes that match your personality but, most importantly, make you feel comfortable. 

Now, picking outfits that make you feel comfortable doesn’t mean throwing on any old raggedy clothes you find around the house. Outfits for engagement photos should be clean and fresh. Avoid old worn-out clothing! Go shopping for some new threads. You don’t have to break the bank to find outfits for engagement pictures that fit you well and make you look gorgeous.

2. Think About Theme & Location Before Shopping for Outfits For Engagement Pictures


Couple at Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables | Outfits for Engagement Photos

Ok! Let’s back this up a bit. Before shopping for outfits for engagement pictures, you must consider the location where you will be doing the session. Furthermore, before you even start thinking about what to wear, you must consider the theme you would like to portray. And here is why:

Your engagement photo session theme will significantly impact the location for the shoot and wardrobe ideas. For example, if you are having a shoot on the northeastern seaboard in the middle of winter, it wouldn’t make sense to have a beach theme, and beach outfits would not be practical. Yes, I know this sounds like common sense. Still, you would be amazed to learn that some people chose to show up in full formal wear for an outdoor session here in tropical Miami.

Sorry I digress! Here is the point – before you go shopping for outfits for engagement photos:

  1. Consider the theme you want to portray in your photos, such as city vibes, urban, farm, beach, winter, luxury, etc.
  2. Decide on a location! The theme you choose will influence the available locations. I once had a couple who wanted a winter engagement session. However, they booked a tropical venue here in South Florida with waterfalls and tropical plants. I’m not kidding! 

With a theme and a location in mind, shopping for your ideal outfits for engagement photos just got easier. 

Couple in The Rain Downtown Miami | Outfits for Engagement Photos

3. Do’s & Don’ts Ideas for Engagement Pictures Outfits

After deciding on your theme and location for your photo shoot, it’s time to go shopping for clothes to complement your theme and location. Here are some do’s and don’ts ideas for engagement picture outfits: 

Do’s Outfit for Engagement Photos Ideas

  1. Select clothing that fits you properly and makes you feel confident and beautiful.
  2. Choose neutral tones, pastel colors, and cool colors such as light blues, whites, light greens, light browns, etc.
  3. Consider complimentary colors for your partner – don’t be too matchy-matchy. Also, consider complimentary colors for your location. For example, light brown may not contrast nicely with the sand on the beach or blue with the ocean, etc.
  4. Select clothing that suits your environment. Here in Miami, Florida, lightweight and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton dry quickly and allow air to pass through the material to keep you cool.

Don’ts Outfit for Engagement Photo Ideas

  1. Don’t select ill-fitting clothes. I once did a shoot with a couple who wore a beautiful dress for an engagement shoot. Unfortunately, the dress had multiple splits up to the waist, and every time the wind blew, her underwear was compromised to the public. She spent the entire shoot trying to control her exposure which made for a terrible shoot. 
  2. Stay away from bright, vivid colors such as reds, and yellows, unless you want to make a statement. 
  3. Avoid the patterns and stripes. However, if you must wear stripes, ensure they are not thin ones. 
  4. No logos are branding! Logos and branding of your favorite sports teams may work well depending on your theme – talk to your photographer for guidance on this one.

Couple at Crandon Park Beach Key Biscayne, FL | Outfits for Engagement Photos

4. Should Eyeglasses Be Part of Your Outfit for Engagement Photos?

If you wear eyeglasses daily, whether to wear them for your session can also be a tough decision for couples. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Remember, the key is staying true to yourself. However, here are some things to consider if you wear your glasses as part of your outfit for an engagement photo session:

  1. Glasses reflect light, which can be incredibly distracting in closeups photos.
  2. If you must wear glasses, try to get a good pair of antiglare glasses. They will cost more but will look a lot better in photos. 
  3. Avoid transitional glasses – the kinds that transition to dark in sunlight. While a few shots with your dark shades may look cool, they may give the impression that you are hiding something. 
  4. Also, avoid eyeglasses that are tinted for computer screens at all costs. These glasses cast a bluish-purple tint over the eyes, which is very distracting and hard to fix in photoshop.
  5. Avoid looking directly at the camera lens, especially if the photographer uses a flash. 
  6. Letting your photographer know as soon as possible that you’ll be wearing your glasses is the best place to start. Most professional photographers will know how to best work with you to avoid distracting glass glare.
  7. Make sure your frames match the look and color scheme you’re going for in your engagement shoot. Having brightly colored eyeglass frames is a common trend in today’s fashion world. However, they may not be so attractive in closeup pictures. 

Alternative to Wearing Eyeglasses for Engagement Pictures

Did I just scare you about wearing your glasses for your engagement photo shoot? Please don’t be scared. It is really not a big deal. Photographers have been photographing people in glasses since the invention of the medium. Furthermore, you have an option! 

If you’re not willing to accept all the nuances of wearing your eyeglasses for your engagement photo session, you can look into various types of contacts. Contact lenses will allow you to ditch your glasses for this special occasion, so you don’t have to worry about ugly glares

on your glasses in your photos.  

5. Add Some Accessories to Your Outfit

Accessories can significantly impact your engagement photos, even if they’re just a tiny part of your outfit. Including a touch of gold with your favorite earrings or a dose of silver with your favorite watch can be the finishing touch your engagement photo outfit needs. Styling

jewelry is the perfect way to express yourself through your treasured pieces. In addition, you can and should take this a step further by selecting pieces that complement your partner’s look for a perfect, coordinated picture. 

What To Consider When Selecting Accessories for My Engagement Session Outfit?

When selecting the accessories you’ll wear with your engagement session outfit – it’s important not to go overboard. While it’s essential to add this lovely touch to your photos, it’s also crucial that you don’t take attention away from your engagement ring. Keep it to one or two accessories per person as a safe rule. Necklaces, watches, and earrings are some of the safest choices.

Couple at Tree Tops Park Davie, FL | Outfits for Engagement Pictures


Overall, the engagement outfits you and your partner pick for pictures are up to you. Because regardless of what you choose, your engagement photos should reflect your love and affection for each other. 

To get the most out of your engagement session, do the following:

  1. Stay true to yourself with whatever outfit you pick.
  2. Take your environment into consideration when selecting your outfit.
  3. Deliver a little pop in your photos with some accessories.
  4. Remember that glasses can cause ugly glares in your photos.
  5. Above all else, have fun. Your photo shoot is an opportunity for both of you to rekindle the love. 

Have questions or want more tips? Let’s Connect! 

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