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Trusting your Florida wedding photographer with capturing one of the most important days in your life is paramount. Think about it – you have dreamed about this moment all your life.

Furthermore, you spent countless hours researching and interviewing several photographers to find the perfect one. And you have spent a hefty portion of your wedding budget on hiring the ideal photographer for your wedding. So why would you not trust them to do what they do best? How many weddings have you photographed?

I am Antonio, an award-winning wedding photographer, and owner of White House Wedding Photography. Trusting your wedding photographer to create the pictures you have been dreaming of will be one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding photos. In this post, I will give you 7 things to trust your Florida wedding photographer with. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

1. Trust The Information You Received From Your Florida Wedding Photographer

You have hired your perfect Florida wedding photographer because they are experts in capturing weddings with photos you absolutely love. However, creating those photos take time, patience, and a whole heap of cooperation and trust.

One of the worst things you can do to sabotage the quality of photos you will get is to ignore your photographer’s recommendations and directions.

I get it! It is your wedding day, and by all means, you should have control over your wedding day experience. But remember you hired the perfect photographer because you want beautiful photos and a fantastic experience to boot.

Remember that your wedding photographer has years of experience capturing countless weddings. Therefore, it is to your benefit that you trust the information your photographer gives you. Leave the micromanagement for another time, lol!

2. Your Florida Wedding Day Timeline Recommendations

So you have hired the best Florida wedding photographer. And your wedding planner has just sent you your wedding day timeline for your review and approval. But your dream photographer has not seen or had any input for the timeline. If this is you, your alarm bells should be going off like crazy.

Regardless of who is creating your wedding day timeline, your wedding photographer must actively participate in creating the timeline. Why? Because only your photographer knows exactly how much time is needed to capture all the critical moments of your wedding.

Plus, your photographer will have a preferred time for capturing certain aspects of your wedding due to lighting. For example, I generally want to capture the couple’s session right around sunset or what is referred to as the golden hour.

The golden hour is a time of day when the natural light is perfect for creating magnificent portraits. However, suppose your photographer doesn’t have input for the timeline. In that case, your couples session could be scheduled for times when the lighting is of poor quality.

The bottom line is to ensure that your wedding photographer has an input for your wedding day timeline and trust their recommendations.

3. Time of Day Selected For Specific Events

The time of day selected for specific wedding day events is vitally important. It plays a significant role in the wedding day timeline. Although your Florida wedding photographer may not be able to control the types of wedding day events you choose for your celebration of love. They can manage the scheduling of some events with your cooperation.

For the most part, your wedding day will unfold, starting with getting ready, bridal session, groom session, ceremony, couples session, etc. Your Florida wedding photographer’s job is to create a series of cohesive photos that accurately portray your wedding day experience.

Photos created during daylight hours will have a different aesthetic compared to pictures made during the night. It is common to expect the cocktail hour and the reception photos to have a night aesthetic.

Depending on the location and the amount of artificial light available in the background, night photos will focus less on the background and more on the subject. This will give the images a different feel compared to photos taken during the day.

So, have a conversation with your photographer well before your wedding day and ensure that you get their input for your timeline. Your photographer will most likely want to schedule the couples, bridal party, family, etc., during the daylight hours. Trust their recommendations.

4. Choosing The Location For The Picture

Creating beautiful wedding pictures takes more than clicking the button on a camera. Your wedding photographer will know which location provides the best lighting and backdrop for creating that unforgettable picture. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you look in that Vera Wang trumpet dress with the cathedral veil. If the background doesn’t compliment your style or is cluttered, the photo will be aesthetically dull.

Here is something to think about! Suppose you choose a crappy venue for your wedding. In that case, it doesn’t matter how great your photographer is – it will be next to impossible to get beautiful photographs. I can’t tell how many times I heard couples saying just fix it in photoshop.

But retouching pictures correctly so that they look beautiful is a slow and time-consuming process. So it is better to get the photo right in camera rather than relying on fixing it in photoshop.

The point I want to make here is – first select a picturesque venue, then trust your Florida wedding photographer to choose the location to create magic.

5. Trust Your Florida Wedding Photographer With Flattering Poses

Unless you are a model and have spent a lot of time in front of the camera – having a stranger shove a big camera in your face can be intimidating. And to make matters worse, being shy or lacking confidence can
further, complicate things and make you look awkward in your photos.

Nevertheless, if you hire a pro-Florida wedding photographer, you will be in good hands. You will have nothing to worry about. A good wedding photographer will know how to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Professional wedding photographers are skilled at directing and posing couples to get flattering photos they will love forever. So trust your photographer, and you will be amazed at the magic they will create.

6. Editing Your Photos

Look! Editing wedding photos is a time-consuming and tedious job. Still, your Florida wedding photographer will undoubtedly take the time to ensure that all your photos are beautifully digitally enhanced.

Nevertheless, after receiving your photos, one of the worst things you can do is to further edit them with filters and then share them online. This is a sure way to give your photographer the middle finger, even if you didn’t mean to do so. So just don’t do it!

You hired your photographer because you like their style. Therefore you should trust that the photos they delivered to you have gone through their editing process to give them an aesthetic look that you fall in love with when you hire them.

7. Handling Printing Your Photos

Most photographers are masters at printing. They have in-depth knowledge of paper types, color projection on screen and on paper. Additionally, wedding photographers will have long-term relationships with multiple print labs. And many professional print labs will only work with professionals.

But all is not gloom and dull here! Some print labs, such as MPIX (Division of Millers Professional Imaging), will allow you to upload your photo and order your prints directly. Just be aware that these print labs don’t have the close connection and the investment in you that your photographer has. Plus, their business model is mast production and fast turnaround time. So will get what you pay for!

Florida Wedding Photographer Delivers Your Photos Via Online Gallery

On the other hand, if your Florida wedding photographer delivers your photos via a modern online gallery. Your gallery will have a shopping cart linked directly to the photographer’s chosen print lab.

There is nothing worse than ordering a print from a nonpro print lab only to receive your photo and find the color is off. That is money wasted, plus the frustration and headache that you could have avoided.

And you know what? The photo’s color is not the only thing to consider when you are ready to print your wedding photos. The ink and paper quality is just as important as the color. Poor or cheap ink will fade and change color quickly. The same goes for poor-quality paper.

Trust me! Buying prints from your Florida wedding photographer will cost you more than if you buy your prints at Walmart. But it will be well worth it. If you don’t want to purchase prints from your photographer, ask them to recommend a print lab. Most photographers will be happy to recommend a print lab.

To Sum, it All Up

Trusting your wedding photographer is highly important! When you want the best wedding photos and have fun creating those photos, it is imperative that you build a trusting relationship with your photographer.

Trust that your Florida wedding photographer will have your best interest at heart. They will do everything within their power to ensure that you are well taken care of. Because if you are happy with the services and products you received, you will tell your friends and families about it. And that is the best advertisement every photographer wishes for.

Have wedding photography questions? Let’s connect here.

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