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Are you looking for unique wedding reception ideas that will produce beautiful photos and lots of fun? Well, you are in the right place. A lot of factors go into producing great wedding photos. You’ll work to create beautiful settings, make sure everyone’s looking their best, and above all else, hire the right photographers

Some couples also enjoy coming up with unique photo concepts beyond all the usual poses and staging ideas. And the wedding reception is the perfect place for these ideas to take shape. These concepts often boil down to wedding reception activities. And with that in mind, we wanted to suggest a few that are likely to produce fun and unique photo opportunities throughout your wedding.

1. Wedding Reception Lawn Games

It’s actually becoming common for wedding receptions to have lawn games which make for great photos! There’s something almost inexplicably joyous about the sight of people in nice suits and dresses tossing beanbags, swinging badminton rackets, and the like. Plus, as guests get into the games, they’re more likely to be legitimately 100% candid for wedding photos! All you need to do to bring this about at your own wedding is choose from a variety of lawn games that are now common at weddings. So select your favorite game or games and get ready to have some down-to-earth fun with your guests at your wedding reception!

2. Wedding Reception Poker

Talk about a unique wedding reception activity. OMG – you don’t have to go to Las Vegas for this one! Poker can be another outstanding wedding reception feature that yields classy wedding photos. It provides one more way for guests to interact aside from chatting over meals and dancing. Furthermore, it’s hard not to look cool and classy all dressed up with a cocktail in one hand and cards or poker chips in the other. 

Setting up some poker at your reception may be easier than you think. You can rent a quality table and hire a dealer for relatively low sums. You can post rules and poker hand values at the table so that guests who don’t know the game all that well can understand card values and give it a shot. At that point, guests will be free to stop by for games throughout the night, and great wedding photos will come out of it.

3. Board Games 

Board games will work a little bit differently than poker. The poker concept revolves around the idea of one or two designated tables at the wedding reception. With board games, you might be better off providing a few stacks of options at a certain point in the night. That way, guests can take them to tables and enjoy themselves. 

Having board games at your reception is an excellent way to prolong the night if that’s a goal. It gives people a fun, carefree way to wind down, catch their breath, and enjoy a different stage of the party. And from a photography standpoint, it’s virtually a guarantee. Board games produce conversation and laughter, which in turn tend to lead to some great candid pictures.

4. Wedding Reception Masquerade

This is less of an activity and more of an accessory concept. But with more and more weddings tapping into the trend of wearable props and party favors, a masquerade theme is a fun option to think about. Providing decorative masks for a portion of the evening will give new energy to the party and transform guests’ appearances. Whimsical, almost fantastical photos can come of this idea, and they’ll always be fun to look back on alongside the rest of your wedding photos.

5. Wedding Reception Bounce Castle

You also have the option of breaking out a bounce castle at your wedding reception! This is a bold idea and a little bit of an unusual one. But it’s actually not unheard of, and it’s pure fun. 

A surprise bounce castle will delight guests of all ages. The bride and groom can kick things off with a bouncing “dance.” Needless to say, this will produce incredible photos! But even thereafter, guests all dressed up and leaping into the air together will make for incredible scenes to capture.

Ultimately, you can have all sorts of activities at your reception that will bring about fun and different wedding photo opportunities. Hopefully, you find this post helpful in finding really unique wedding reception activities for your own wedding. 

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