An Interview With Miami’s Top Black Wedding Photographer!

Photo of a black wedding photographer in Miami, Florida

Finding the Top Black Wedding Photographer in Miami, Florida, can be pretty challenging. However, continue reading if you are an African American, black or interracial couple looking for a black wedding photographer.

I’m Antonio, an award-winning black wedding photographer here in Miami, South Florida, and the owner of White House Wedding Photography. I have written this post to give you some insights into what it means to be an African American wedding photographer. So without further ado, let’s get to it!.

Photo of Bride and Groom in a park | By an African American Wedding Photographer

What Does It Mean to Me to Be A Black Wedding Photographer?

To me, being a black wedding photographer here in South Florida means that the possibilities are endless. It is all up to me! And believe me, if you are having a beautiful wedding, and if we are vibing, I want to capture your love story. Your ethnic, cultural, religious, and sexual identity does not matter to me.

Even though I am a black man, I love to photograph weddings of all colors and cultures. My years in the military allowed me to live amongst many different people and cultures. And I absolutely love meeting new people and learning about their cultures and lifestyles.

While I deeply love photographing weddings of African Americans and or black couples, I don’t limit myself to photographing any one particular ethnic or cultural group. I have captured many African Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, and many other multi-cultural weddings in my over eight years of photographing weddings.

Multicultural Wedding Table Setting By a Black Wedding Photographer

What Are the Challenges for Black Photographers in Today’s Society?

There are lots of challenges for black photographers in today’s society. It’s no secret that being a professional photographer is really challenging. But being a professional black photographer is even more difficult.

Ever since the first photograph was created back in 1826, blacks have been using the medium to capture and shape the world around us. Yet, looking back through history, the perspective of black photographers is hardly seen, even though there are so many great black photographers.

Same sex wedding ceremony | Photo by a black wedding photographer

A Promise to Hire African American Photographers!

I don’t want to lean into the negative challenges of getting work as a black photographer due to racial and economic disparities. However, I will say this. The George Floyd killing, followed by the Black Lives Matter protests, has forced America to look at its unequal and unjust treatment of minorities. The days following the BLM protests see many companies and couples looking to hire black photographers.

Today, we are almost 12 months out from the George Floyd killing and the BLM protest that followed. I have to ask myself, where are all those couples and companies that pledge to hire African American photographers? Are they still out there? I don’t know. As far as I can tell, I haven’t seen any of them.

Photo of bride and groom by an African American Wedding Photographer

As a Black Wedding Photographer in Miami, How Do I View My Work?

Here is what I can tell you! I tried my best not to focus on who is hiring me in terms of race, color, religion, or sex. My focus is more on mastering my craft. Because I don’t want to be known as a black wedding photographer or an African American wedding photographer. I would prefer to be known as the top wedding photographer in the world. And I think this is where I will leave it!

Bride & Groom embrace in tears | Photo by an African American Wedding Photographer

Boho bride & flower girl | Photo by African American Wedding Photographer Antonio Crutchley

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