5 Reasons Why Having Engagement Photos Taken is a Good Idea

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If you are engaged to be wed, you most likely have seen tons of engagement photos online and countless posts about how to pose, what to wear, and where are the best places to have your engagement session. However, what is the real significance of having an engagement session? In this post, I give you five reasons why having engagement photos taken is a good idea. 

So, let’s get started!

1. Get to Know Your Photographer 

First and foremost, your engagement photo session is an excellent opportunity to really get to know your wedding photographer before your wedding day. Unless you’re a seasoned professional model, having a stranger pointing a big lens at your face may not be the most exciting and fun experience for you. It takes time to build trust and understanding with your photographer.

Spending a couple of hours taking some engagement photos will give you some confidence in being in front of the camera. It will also allow you to build rapport with your photographer and give you a better understanding of your photographer’s working style. Your photographer will also gain essential knowledge about your unique personalities and how you interact with one another. 

Each couple is different, and being able to read the situation and respond to it is where an experienced wedding photographer can really make a difference. An experienced photographer can determine if you need a lot of guidance in front of the camera or if just being in the presence of your future spouse creates a chemistry that’s worthy of capturing!

In essence, an engagement photo session gives your photographer a much better understanding of you. Your photographer will get valuable insight into how to approach your wedding day and capture the raw emotions of each and every moment.

2. Become Comfortable in Front of the Camera 

Being in front of the camera can be quite daunting for many couples. Instead of letting their real personalities shine through, they become stiff and awkward. Some of the most beautiful wedding day moments are when couples relax and forget that there is a photographer in their bubble.

Suppose you’re feeling unsettled by the camera or nervous that you’ll be caught in unflattering poses. In that case, your photographer will have a hard time creating beautiful and authentic photos that you will love.

The engagement photo session with your wedding photographer allows you to find your comfort zone with the camera and see the results of being vulnerable to your emotions. A professional photographer will have your back. They will work with you to ensure that you have lots of fun while they are creating some incredibly beautiful photos. 

3. Beautiful Photos of You and Your Significant Other 

When was the last time you had some professional photos taken of both of you? Sure, you may have some selfies which are worth cherishing. You may even have holiday photos of the two of you from last Christmas. But wouldn’t it be lovely to have some professional photos of you and your forever love that you can frame and hang on the walls of your home?

Besides having beautiful photos for your home, you will also have prints for save-the-date cards, the registry table at your wedding, and a guest book for your wedding guests. You could also use your engagement photos for your wedding website. Perhaps you may want to submit them to a wedding blog or magazine for publication. 

Please note that you should get your photographer’s permission before submitting the pictures if you consider submitting your engagement photos for publication. Most photographers will let you publish as long as you ask them and give them credit.

4. Test Run Your Hair & Makeup for Your Engagement Photos 

Having engagement photos taken is an excellent opportunity to test run your hair and makeup before your wedding. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect from your makeup and hairstylist on your wedding day. 

Depending on where you will be having your engagement photos taken, certain hairstyles and makeup may not be best for you. For example, if your engagement session is on the beach. Then you may not want to have a long hairstyle because the wind will be blowing your hair across your face and making you uncomfortable, which will reflect in your photos. 

The nice thing about your hair and makeup test run is that if you’re not 100% happy with it, then at least you have time to make tweaks or alterations with your makeup artist before your wedding.  

5. Reconnect with Your Significant Other and Get Some Beautiful Engagement Photos

The lead-up to your wedding can be incredibly stressful, particularly if you’re going it alone without a wedding planner. There are so many little details to organize and events to coordinate that things can get overwhelming. It’s easy to lose perspective.

An engagement photo session is an opportunity to take a step back, reconnect with your love, and just have fun together. Select locations that have a special meaning for you as a couple or reflect how you like to spend your leisure time together…and then let your affection flow! 

Perhaps you can bring along some props for a romantic picnic in a grassy field or head to your favorite ice cream parlor together.

Just like your wedding day, you can give your engagement session a really personal stamp…and have a lot of fun at the same time!

In conclusion, having engagement photos may seem unnecessary. However, if it is crucial for you to have amazing pictures of your wedding, and have lots of fun while doing it, do an engagement photo session. I promise you will be glad that you do! 

Think about it! You wouldn’t buy your wedding dress before trying it on and making sure that it fits you perfectly. Your engagement photo session is no different. It is a trial before your wedding. So that you can get the most out of your wedding photos on the day of your wedding. 

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