Finding Your Best Wedding Photographers in Miami

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Trying to find the best wedding photographers in Miami can be frustrating because there are so many wedding photographers to choose from. As a result, many brides get overwhelmed when they are looking for their best wedding photographer.

The truth is that you don’t have to get overwhelmed. All you need is a plan for finding your perfect wedding photographer. In this post, I give you 5 steps to help you find the best wedding photographer in Miami.

Step 1 – Be Realistic When Searching for Your Best Wedding Photographer

What does the term best wedding photographers mean to you? Perhaps you would like a photographer with a particular style, or you may want a photographer you like and can relate to. Whatever you consider being best, identify and make a note of it. Your idea of the best wedding photographer may differ from your friends or from other brides.
Understand that there are many organizations that rate and rank photographers. These organizations rate or rank photographers by the quality of their photos. Some of these organizations have a pay to get ranked program. Our point here is to get you to stop and think. Just because someone says that this photographer is the best doesn’t mean that the photographer is right for you.
So, what is a bride supposed to do? To get a clear and concise idea of what is best for you, I recommend that you create a list of things important to you. To make your list of things more manageable, you can break it up into these 4 groups – Photos, Personality, Cost, and Clients Relations. Your list should look something like this:

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Step 2 – Create a List of Potential Best Wedding Photographers

Once you have a realistic idea of what is best for you, your next step should be to go searching for your potential best wedding photographers. As mentioned above, there are a lot of wedding photographers here in Miami. To reduce time and to ensure that you are only considering the photographers you think are best, start your search online.
Use the photo section of your list to review and select 10 wedding photographers. Make sure your chosen photographers have photos of real weddings on their website. Real weddings will give you a better insight into how the photographer will tell your story. Organize your list of photographers with the best photographers at the top of the list. This will help you decide which photographer you can remove from the list.

Step 3 – Evaluate Cost

Now, with your list of photographers and your list of what is important to you, you can evaluate each photographer’s cost. Go to each photographer’s website and see if they have their price listed on their sites.
Some photographers will have their price listed, others will have a price range, and many old school photographers will want you to call them or make an appointment. There are many schools of thought when it comes to wedding photography pricing, and you could easily get lost in this step.
To keep it simple, just keep in mind what you are willing to pay and what you would like to receive. For example, if your number one photographer prices are out of your budget, remove that photographer from your list. If the next photographer has a package within your budget, but the package doesn’t offer everything you want, you will have a few options.
You can see if the photographer will modify the photography package so that you get what you want, or you may accept the photography package as is. Also, you can remove or re-prioritize that photographer.
At this point, you should start to get the hang of finding the best wedding photographer in Miami, Florida. As you evaluate cost, keep an eye out for photographers that let you build your own package and photographers that you can request a quote from. These options will allow you to zero in on your target budget so you can decide fast.
If you really love a photographer work and they have no pricing information on their site, see if you can send them a text message, if texting them is not an option, then call them. If no one picks up when you call, leave them a message and send them an email or fill out the form on their site. Be sure to let them know that you like their work, and you are just doing initial research, and you are not ready to make an appointment.

Step 4 – Do You Like the Photographer?

By this step, your list of photographers should have dwindled a lot. Your next step is to see if you like the remaining photographers on your list and to prioritize them. You can do this in 2 phases. First, go to the photographers about page and see what they have to say. Do they speak to you? Can you connect with them?
If you are getting good vibes from their about pages, you may be ready to dig a little further. See if you can schedule a quick phone call with them. Your goal here is to get a feel for their personality and responsiveness.
Once you get a photographer on the phone, they should be polite, they should be eager to learn about your wedding, and they should be a good listener. Also, they should allow you to ask as many questions as time permits.
If they talk down to you or if they are all about themselves, and if they are pushy, these could be signs of a red flag. Ask yourself, is this someone I can spend an entire day with? At the end of this step, you should have at least 3 photographers who you can schedule an appointment with.

Step 5 – Meet with Your Best Wedding Photographer

Think of this step as your first date – you have the warm bubbly feeling in your stomach, you are excited and ready for the first kiss, but you still want to be in control.
Be prepared for your meeting, you should already have most of your questions answered, however, don’t be shy to ask the same questions again. Make sure you have a clear understanding of contract terms such as Act of God clause, Cancelations and Refunds, and Deliverables.
Note that if you are going to travel to Miami for your wedding, you should still have a meeting via video conferencing.
Don’t sabotage yourself during this step. Once you have met with all 3 photographers, it’s time to hire one of them.
I have met with many couples who love my work, my pricing is within their budget, and I answered all their questions. Still, they will find minuscule things to talk themselves out of closing the deal. They will say something like, “we need to think about it, let us talk it over and get back with you,” etc..….
Don’t sabotage all the hard work that gets you to this point! End the knight with a kiss!

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