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There are some stunning wedding venues in Homestead, Florida. However, planning your magical wedding in Homestead will require a little bit of inside scoop. This is where I come in! In this post, I give you my top five favorite outdoor wedding venues in Homestead, FL, so that you can make an informative decision when you pick your venue.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Homestead Growth as a Destination for Unique Weddings

If you have read any of my wedding venue blog posts, you will notice that I am huge on the history of South Florida. Because I think that when you are selecting a venue to make history at, it can only help if you know a little about the history of the venue and or the area. Therefore, it only feels right that I give you a quick overview of how Homestead, Florida, came into existence. 

Homestead is located approximately forty minutes southwest of Miami International Airport. It is a city in Miami-Dade County and is primarily an agricultural area. 

The name homestead is the shortening of the former name Homestead Country. Homestead Country is government land that was designated for homesteading in the late 1890s. Say What? Ok! Back then, the Government came up with a number of different Acts to encourage its citizens to acquire massive amounts of land for pennies with the agreement to live on the land and farm a significant portion of the land. The people who took advantage of these government policies were called homesteaders. 

Traveling back and forth from Miami to Homestead in those early days was very limited. In 1904 Henry Flagler decided to extend the railroad from Miami to Key West. The extension of the railroad contributed to significant growth in the area. Farmers were able to transport their goods to Miami and many parts of Florida. Many of the workers who helped build the railroad remained in the area after the railroad was completed. They founded the City of Homestead in 1913. 

The Homestead today is still a farming community with many beautiful wedding venues. It’s an emerging destination for the trendy, outdoorsy type of brides. If you are looking to tie the knot and celebrate your love in the open air below the stars, then a Homestead wedding venue is for you! Take a look at my top five venues below. 

1. The Historic Walton House 

First up is The Historic Walton House. Simply put, this venue is just magical. There is no other way to put it! When my wife and I first moved here to Miami, the Historic Walton House was one of the first venues I toured. The moment you step onto the property, you are immediately transported to a tropical paradise.  

This Homestead wedding venue has a charming historic English cottage, which you will not find anything like it here in South Florida. The house was built in 1917 by William Karl Walton, a Civil Engineer from Chicago who moved to Miami to take advantage of the real estate boom. 

Walton House is five acres of lush tropical botanical gardens with a lot of rare exotic flora. The venue has a coral rock swimming pool, a massive lagoon with gorgeous white swans and Japanese koi, and a sunken pond with a flowing waterfall. Furthermore, the Walton House has an extensive collection of macaws, parrots, flamingos, waterfowl, cranes, giant tortoises, and monkeys. It also has a sizeable Indonesian-style Chickee hut, perfect for reception, ceremony, or whatever your heart desire. 

I especially love this romantic Homestead wedding venue because it also has an antique private bridal suite. In Homestead, a venue with a beautiful and comfortable bridal suite is necessary for brides because Homestead is primarily a Miami suburb and a major agricultural area. Your choices for luxury hotels and accommodations are slim, to say the least. 

The Historic Walton House wedding venue can accommodate up to 200 guests. It can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor events. Prices are in the moderate range. 

For more information about hosting your wedding at this romantic tropical paradise, contact them here.

2. Secret Gardens Miami 

The Secret Garden Miami wedding venue in Homestead, Florida, is perhaps one of South Florida’s best-kept secrets. This romantic paradise is sure to delight the couple looking for a unique and fabulous outdoor venue to host their magical wedding. The venue is located just 35 minutes drive south of Miami International Airport and 45 minutes from South Beach. 

Secret Gardens Miami is a premier destination for hosting your one-of-a-kind wedding in a private sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Miami. This breathtaking property was designed by Miami native and Coral Stone Landscaper Benjamin Bistrong. The garden spans 2.5 acres of pristine landscape with lush tropical foliage and palms, turquoise lagoons highlighted with natural corals, and soothing waterfalls. 

The Secret Gardens Miami wedding venue can accommodate up to 200 guests. It is moderately priced and is available for engagement photo sessions and other events.  

Check this out! Have your eyes set on this venue, but not sure if you will like it. No problem! Simply attend a Wine and Food Tasting tour held every Thursday at 7:30 P.M. Can’t go during the week? They have a fixed for that too. Check out their Mimosa and Food Tasting tour every Saturday and Sunday. How cool is that? 

What I love about this venue, other than it being so picturesque, is that they are military friendly. Furthermore, they have recently added a bed and breakfast honeymoon suite, which is an added bonus due to the lack of hotel accommodations in this area. 

To sum it up, this Homestead wedding venue is for creating extraordinary and unique memories in a tranquil and natural ecology. 

For more information on hosting your dream wedding at this romantic tropical paradise, contact their events team here.

3. All About Weddings | Longans Place Wedding Venue

Longans Place wedding venue is truly a unique place to say your “I dos.” This charming venue is located in Redland, just a little north of Homestead. However, I love this venue so much that I have to include it in this post for Homestead’s wedding venues. 

To get you oriented, Redland is an unincorporated community and an agricultural area located approximately 20 miles Southwest of Downtown Miami and about 4.5 miles North northwest of Homestead. 

So now that you are not lost, let’s dig into the venue! I am quite sure that most of us know what mangoes and avocados are, right? But did you know that longans are tropical fruit? Yea, they are similar to lychee but are brown instead of red. So Longans Place is really a big farm for the longans fruit. 

What’s unique about this property is that you will not stumble on to it by just driving by. There are no Longan’s Place signs, or I didn’t see any!

I can still recall my first visit to this fabulous venue. Once the colossal gate was open, and I drove up to the water fountain, my mouth drop wide open in awe. The property is massive. It is meticulously maintained, giving you a feel of a five-star golf course without driving ranges and putting greens. The property is spacious enough to arrive at your own wedding via a helicopter. Now is that cool or what?

The large tiki huts and the crystal lagoon with its cascading waterfall, crowned by palm trees and lush tropical flora and vegetation, form the centerpiece for this magical venue. A bridge to the altar sits approximately halfway over the lagoon, making for the most romantic and one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony. 

I promise you. You will not find a wedding venue that is more beautiful, tranquil, and private like Longans Place anywhere here in South Florida. Furthermore, the staffs are genuinely lovely and will jump over the moon to please you.    

Longans Place can accommodate up to 170 guests. It is an affordable price with all-inclusive packages. 

For more information on hosting your dream wedding at this private farm, contact their events team here.

4. The Cooper Estate Wedding Venue 

When your wedding dream is vision of Game of Thrones, dramatic vintage, or even boho, then look no further than this historic venue. Although this charming and sophisticated venue is in Redland, I still think it’s necessary to list it as one of my favorite wedding venues in the Homestead area.

George H. Cooper, Sr., and his wife purchased the land in 1933 and relocated a small wooden structure to the property. Mr. Cooper and his wife hired a stonemason to complete the exterior and interior stonework. Over the years, additions were built to the original home. Furthermore, the home oolitic limestone (coral rock) construction makes it an architectural significance. In 1961, the home was purchased by Cooper’s daughter (Barbara Hanck) and her husband. The property was sold to the Helman family in 1995. 

Today The Coopers Estate still functions as a working native plant nursery. Nevertheless, what I love most about this wedding venue is that it is uniquely beautiful and private. Located just 35 minutes south of Downtown Miami, this venue allows brides to escape the rush and congestion of metro Miami and south beach. 

Brides can focus on getting married in a romantic and serene environment. They can relax and breathe in the fresh air, express their love freely, soak up the ambiance, and enjoy the company of their guests without the intrusion of the public. 

The Coopers Estate is three acres of lush tropical vegetation, exotic floras, giant oak trees, and a wide variety of palm trees. It is anchored by its historic limestone manor and topped off with its sunken grotto and waterfalls. 

This venue’s privacy, charm, beauty, and elegance make it ideal for romantic engagement photos and vintage fairytale weddings. From its wrought iron gate and arch entryway to its massive vintage wooden doors and rustic interior, you will not find a wedding venue anywhere this side of Florida that will be more magical and memorable. 

The Cooper Estate can accommodate up to 240 guests. It is handicapped accessible and can host your wedding indoors and outdoors. 

For more information on hosting your dream wedding at this magnificent venue, contact their events team here.

5. Villa Toscana Wedding Venue in Homestead

In Homestead, Florida, the Villa Toscana Miami wedding venue is a real gem that you will not stumble onto by just driving by. The Villa is located approximately one hour drive south of downtown Miami. It is surrounded by farms, with the everglades just a stone’s throw to its west and Schnebly Winery a few minutes south. Villa Toscana offers complete privacy and seclusion for romantic storytelling.

The Villa Toscana Miami wedding venue is nothing like any other venue in Homestead. For starters, the Villa is a gorgeous luxury home set on four acres of meticulously landscaped grounds. It has pathways to mango groves, a tea house, a gazebo, a pool, and towering fountains. Additionally, this venue’s entrance boasts a courtyard with an Italian-style garden, which sets the tone for entering the home and immersing yourself in its eight luxury suites. 

Villa Toscana Miami can accommodate up to 150 guests for an event and 15 – 20 guests for overnight and weekend stays. I love this venue because there are many excellent areas to beautifully capture couples’ love on their wedding day. Also, the staffs are super sweet and easy to work with. 

If your wedding idea is to escape the hectic pace of Miami and South Beach, then this homestead wedding venue is for you. Whether you are planning an elopement or a grand gala, Villa Toscana Miami may be the perfect venue for you and your loved ones to celebrate your love as a couple. 

For more information on hosting your dream wedding at this magnificent venue, contact their events team here.

Wrap it Up!

In summary, there are many beautiful venues in Homestead and the Redland area. I could probably write an entire book on wedding venues in this area, and perhaps I will someday. But for now, these are my top 5 venues because I love the opportunities they offer. They offer lots of places for beautiful photographs, and they provide exceptional services. I hope you enjoy reading this post. If you have any wedding photography-related questions, get in touch with me.

Have questions? Let’s connect here.

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