Destination Weddings and Why South Florida is a Prime Location

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Destination weddings are often thought of as weddings in some far-off, romantically exotic islands. But that’s not true. Here in the United States, there are some really amazing locations for perfect destination weddings.

One such place for an epic destination wedding is South Florida. In this post, I will blow the lid off why South Florida is a prime location for your destination wedding. So, hold on to your love, and let’s jump in.

Destination Weddings Explain

Ok! Before we dive deep into why South Florida is a prime location for destination weddings, let’s dissect what exactly qualifies as a destination wedding. In general, when we think of destination weddings, we conjure up a vision of tropical islands with miles of manicured beaches with palm trees waving gently at the emerald green sea, right?

We also think of places where the food is tantalizingly delicious, and the cocktails are volcanically wicked, not to mention a wild pulsating nightlife. And you know what? We wouldn’t be wrong for having such an understanding of destination weddings. However, many millennial couples today have a much broader interpretation of destination weddings.

Millennial couples choose locations that are special to them for their destination weddings. Therefore a tropical destination may not be an option for millennials. Their selected areas could be snowy, mountainous, desert, a college town, vineyards, or something else. It doesn’t have to be abroad to be a destination wedding. The bottom line is that today’s destination weddings are in locations that are special to the couple and are not where they currently live.

Why is South Florida a Prime Location for Destination Weddings?

Here is the thing. Even though many millennials are choosing none tropical locations for their destination weddings, many are still looking for that tropical vibe without traveling abroad. South Florida has a tropical climate year-round and provides easy access if you live in the US. In addition, you don’t need a passport and visa to travel to South Florida.

Where is South Florida Located?

There is no official South Florida designation. So, let me get you acquainted with the region of Florida that I am referring to when speaking of South Florida. The area I am referring to as South Florida ran from the City of Palm Beach on the east Atlantic coast and continued south through Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, and Miami Beach down to Key West. Then, from the west coast, starting with Cape Coral’s city in Fort Myers and continuing south to Naples and the Sanibel and Marco islands off Naples’ coast.

Is South Florida in The Caribbean?

Now, are you ready for this? South Florida, particularly Miami, is not the Caribbean or even part of the Caribbean. South Florida is said to be the northern boundary of the Caribbean. Yet, it is easy to see how one may consider South Florida as the Caribbean.

South Florida is known for its many miles of coral sand beaches, emerald blue water, and swaying coconut palms. Furthermore, South Florida is deeply steeped in Caribbean and South American Cultures, with Miami being a mega metropolitan city.

The Bahamian islands, which are not officially in the Caribbean but are considered Caribbean islands because of their strong Caribbean culture, are only 50 miles east of Miami by boat. The island of Cuba is only 90 miles south of Key West, and the island of Jamaica is an hour and thirty-five minutes flight from Miami. So you would be in good company to think of South Florida as the Caribbean :)!

Why Have Your Destination Wedding in South Florida Instead of The Caribbean?

When your ideal destination wedding is a tropical paradise with all the Caribbean trappings without the cost and hassle of traveling abroad, you can’t choose a better location than South Florida. Yes, there is such a thing as Florida destination weddings. However, trust me, if a tropical experience is what you are after, you will need to do South Florida. Let me break it down for you!

South Florida Destination Wedding Cost Less

Planning a destination wedding in South Florida could be less costly than, say, a Jamaica destination wedding or any other Caribbean wedding. This is especially true if you are within driving distance of South Florida. For example, if you live anywhere on the eastern seaboard, say Georgia, Virginia, or the Carolinas, you could save a lot in traveling costs by driving to South Florida for your wedding.

Another thing to think about is the high rise in the cost of travel due to the high inflation we are experiencing. Everything costs more! According to NerdWallet, an American personal finance company that has been tracking the price of ordinary travel expenses for the past 10 years, airfare, lodging, car rental, food, and entertainment are consistently on the rise.

Among these increasing travel expenses, NerdWallet states that airfares are at a record high, 38% higher than in 2019. Yikes! The Knot and other top players in the wedding industry are all reporting record increases in wedding costs due to inflation. Nevertheless, you are not trapped! A destination wedding in South Florida is one sure way to reduce your destination wedding cost.

Reduced The Stress of Planning Your Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding abroad takes guts. It is not for the faint at heart or the indecisive worrywart. No really! Think about it. Getting married abroad means celebrating your love and commitment with just a few people closest to you. Still, more importantly, you will be doing so in a foreign environment: different cultures, people, food, and entertainment, which you may have little control over.

Although Miami is so culturally diverse, you are not bound to the Caribbean or Latin American cultures if you plan to get married in Miami. You can still have your destination wedding with a tropical experience in an American environment here in South Florida. There is still plenty of American cultures to be had here in Miami :)!

Destination Wedding Ideas | Honeymoon In The Same Location

It is common for couples getting married in the US to jet off on their honeymoon a day or two after their wedding. But how convenient is it to have your wedding and honeymoon in the same location?

South Florida offers a ton of really cool vacation spots. So if your wedding and honeymoon dreams are of tropical air with ocean mist on your face and sand between your toes, South Florida have you covered. From posh high rises on Miami beach to boutique hotels, South Florida accommodations, hosting, and hospitality will not disappoint.

To sum it up! If you are about to start planning a gorgeous wedding that best reflects your Caribbean vibes but you don’t want to travel to the Caribbean, take a look at South Florida.

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