Valentine’s Day – What Does Love Have to Do With It?

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Valentine’s Day 2021 is right around the corner. If you are like me, you know that special romantic day that always falls on February 14. But here is the rub! What the heck does Mr. Valentine have to do with this widely celebrated romance day? Oh no, don’t go anywhere just yet! I’m about to get to the bottom of this. Plus, I’m going to share some things you and your bae can do this Valentine’s Day in Miami.

So here we go – hold my Champaign, watch this 🤣!

The History of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day goes way back to ancient times. It is celebrated across the United States and many places around the world. Today’s Valentine’s Day is known for the celebration of love through the romantic exchange of kisses, chocolates, flowers, and wild hot, passion-filled parties. Ok! That last part maybe a little over the top, right? But come on, aren’t we in Miami, the Magic City? Haha!

Origins of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day wasn’t so romantic. We now know that Valentine’s Day was once an ancient pagan Pre-Roman idyllic annual festival practiced in Rome for a couple of days in the middle of February. The earliest known name for the festival is Lupercalia, which has its own priesthood, the Luperci meaning the “brothers of the wolf.”

It is believed that Lupercalia (the ancient practice that later became Valentine’s Day) was a fertility festival devoted to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, and the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.

Not to put a damper on your romantically frolicking Valentine’s Day celebration plans, but get this. The primeval practice of Lupercalia would begin with the sacrifice of a goat for fertility and a dog for purification. The priests would make strips from the goat hide, dip them in sacrificial blood, walk the village, and gently slap women and crop fields with the goat hide strips.

Later on in the day, all the young women would place their names in a big bowl. The village bachelors would each pick a name from the bowl and be matched with the woman they chose for the next year. It is said that these matches often ended in marriages. Say what?

Hey, listen, don’t be getting any bloody ideas this Valentine! This is some deep stuff. Here are my questions, though – was this forced marriage, or was it like a forced engagement? Does anyone know the statute of limitation for litigation for such an act here in Florida? Ok! Just kidding. Let’s move on to some lighter stuff, shall we?

Who Was the Real St. Valentine?

May I have your attention, please? Will the real Valentine, please stand up, please stand up, please stand up? Oho! I couldn’t help it with this parody from Eminem’s song “The Real Slim Shady.”

Anyway, who is this guy (Valentine)? According to countless online references, the catholic church identified at least three different saints named Valentine who were all killed. It is the belief that the Valentine who is credited for our celebrated Valentine’s Day was a Roman priest in the third century.

The Roman Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriages because he believed that marriages were not good for the young men serving in his military. Nevertheless, priest Valentine continued to secretly perform young lovers’ marriages, defying the Emperor. When word got to Emperor Claudius that Valentine was secretly performing young couples’ marriages, he ordered Valentine be killed.

The accuracy behind Valentine’s stories is shady at best. However, all the stories seem to paint Valentine as a sympathetic, heroic, and romantic figure. Because of these stories, St. Valentine became known as the patron saint of love. In the late 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as St. Valentine’s Day, and since then, February 14 has been a day of expression of love.

What Does Flowers & Chocolates Have to Do With Valentine’s Day?

I have pondered this question for the longest, you know, sort of like what the rabbit has to do with the Easter eggs? But if you take a closer look at the history of courtship, it will become apparent to you why we associate flowers, chocolates, etc., with Valentine’s Day.

Many lovers would use poems, songs, and paintings during the Middle Ages as a romantic expression of their celebrated partnerships. The word “valentine” began to appear in poetry and songs describing a lover at the end of the 15th century. In the 18th century, a book title “The Young Man’s Valentine Writer” was published in England, and by the mid 19th century, we saw the birth of mass production of Valentine’s Card.

Romantic expressions of today is a lot different from back in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, we still embrace the use of poems, songs, and paintings to express love to our partners. Furthermore, we have added more objects and practices that symbolizes love to our celebration, such as chocolates, photo session, etc.

Yea, you will not find a young man reciting a poem and expressing his commitment to his lover in public places. However, it is more common nowadays for lovers to pop into their local Publix, Target, or Walgreens and get Valentine’s Card with some heartfelt words written in it for their love. A beautiful bouquet of flowers with some chocolates to go with that card is a sure way to step up your game.

Some lovers take Valentine’s Day celebration even further. They may go on a romantic dinner date, cruise, concerts, or purchase gifts for each other. Still, the main thing to remember here is that you don’t have to do anything for Valentin’s Day – seriously! If you are going to do something for your partner on Valentine’s Day, just make sure it is authentic and is truly you and not something you did just because.

Things to Do For Valentine’s Day in Miami

Do you want to impress your honey this Valentine’s Day in Miami? Hey, I hear you and the Magic City sure have a lot going on for this Valentine’s season. Even with the pandemic full steam ahead, Miami has many social distance events that you can do with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few things to check out:

  1. First up, my good friends at Jaxson Maximus in Brickell is having a special Valentine’s Day trunk show event. They have teamed up with Entos Lingerie and Old Stone House Florist Design to bring you the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Guys! You may not want to miss this one. Lingerie & Flowers? It’s a score! Go check them out and make sure you register soon. The event is on February 6 – check it out here.
  2. Are you missing the cruise atmosphere due to the pandemic? Don’t worry! The South Beach Lady yacht is hosting Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruise. Of course, you won’t be sailing off to the Caribbean or even the Bahamas! But for sure, you will have a romantic evening aboard this luxury yacht, soaking up the night and enjoying the finest of dining that luxury has to offer. For more information, check it out here.
  3. Want to impress your love with a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner just for two with a spectacular bay view? Check out the folks at Amara at Paraiso. Really one of my favorite restaurant in Miami. Their bold South American flavors, five-star services, and idyllic bayside setting are perfect for an evening of romance. Check them out here.
  4. If you are planning on popping that big question on Valentine’s Day, check out my post on “Top Romantic Proposal Ideas in Maimi.”

Have questions? Let’s connect here.

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