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Featured Traditional Wedding Catholic Ceremony Photo
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Traditional wedding etiquette is still prevalent in modern society. We all want to have a wedding day full of our traditions and follow common traditional wedding etiquette. However, a few of these etiquettes can feel silly, outdated, and even a bit sexist in modern times. This post will discuss wedding etiquette and how we can embrace them […]

How to Embrace Traditional Wedding Etiquette in a Modern Way

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Newlywed Couple Jumping The Broom | White House Wedding Photography
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Is jumping the broom a bride’s secret fantasy or tradition? Find out in this post. I’ve always been curious about this wedding practice. I wanted to know what it was? What does it mean, and what is the tradition behind it? My limited understanding of the practice goes back to the era of slavery. And […]

Jumping the Broom: A Bride’s Secret Fantasy or Tradition?

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Featured photo of Couple Proposal in Miami by The Bay
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Proposal ideas in Miami can be a lot of fun. Of course, you will be nervous, and you should be, rightly so. You are pledging your forever love and commitment to the person of your dreams. And surely you are hoping that your love will feel the same about you and want to spend the […]

Top Romantic Proposal Ideas in Miami For The Adventurous Couple

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