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Wedding Party Photo at Thalatta Estate in South Florida
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Wedding Party Photos You will Not Want to Miss! When it comes to wedding party photos, many couples are at a loss for what to expect. What exactly are wedding party photos, and should we have them? These are fair questions for couples when they are planning their wedding. After all, they will only get […]

Top 15 Wedding Party Photos That You Must Have For Keep Sake!

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Engagement Ring For Engagement Ring Etiquette & Five Things Couples Must Know Post
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Engagement ring etiquette can be a minefield of potential pitfalls and points of contention every couple will want to avoid. While there are countless traditions and customary ‘rules of engagement,’ this process should be carried out in a completely comfortable way for both the bride and the goom. With this in mind, you should decide […]

Engagement Ring Etiquette & Five Things Couples Must Know!

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Engagement Photoshoot of Couple By White House Wedding Photography
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Your engagement photoshoot will set the tone for your wedding day photos. It allows you to experience what it is like to have your photos taken by a professional engagement photographer. Plus, it also allows your photographer to get to you both. And understand what is essential to each of you and how to best […]

How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photoshoot In Miami, FL

Engagement Photo Sessions, Tips & Advice

Hello, and thank you for visiting my wedding photography blog. I am Antonio, an award-winning wedding photographer and founder of White House Wedding Photography. White House Wedding Photography is located in downtown Miami, South Florida. We provide wedding photography services across South Florida and beyond.

Welcome To White House Wedding Photography Blog

What You Can Expect From This Blog

I created White House Wedding Photography Blog to provide couples planning their weddings with wedding photography tips and advice. You will also find photos of real weddings and engagement sessions, along with information on destination weddings. Information about how I got started and why I love photographing weddings can be found in my personal blog category.

My Personal Blog

In this section, you will find a series of posts that will give you insight into my background, photography journey, and, most importantly, why. This is an excellent area to learn more about me!

Wedding Planning Tips & Advice Blog Category 

The wedding planning tips and advice category is loaded with tons of wedding planning tips. Want to learn how to find the best wedding photographer? Look in this section! How about planning your wedding? You can find my ultimate blog post in this section.
Everything from getting the most out of your engagement session to storing your wedding photos can be found here.

Destination Weddings

Under my destination wedding section is where you will find all things about destination weddings.
Take your time and browse around. Wedding planning can be really challenging, especially if you are planning a big wedding. This is why I created this blog.

What’s Can You Get From This Blog

Whether you are new to the wedding planning world or if you are just looking to garner some relative information on wedding planning and more specifically wedding photography, this blog is for you. I have written information on best practices, what to expect, including in depth interviews with some notable vendors, plus a lot more. Here are some of the topics covered in this wedding photography blog:
1. Engagement Ring Etiquette & Five Things Couples Must Know!
2. How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photoshoot In Miami, FL
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4. 5 Wedding Reception Ideas That Will Produce Great Photos
5. Meet DR. Kreinberg of Furever Us Wedding Pet Care
6. Best Places For Destination Wedding In The US — Draft
7. How Wedding Vendors Can Keep You Out of Trouble
8. Wedding Photographers Naples, FL | 5 Secrets To Hiring The Best
9. What Are the Best Storage Ideas for Wedding Photos?
10. South Florida Wedding Photographer And 10 Mistakes To Avoid
11. An Interview With Miami’s Top Black Wedding Photographer!
12. 5 Miami Beach Wedding Photographer Secrets to Know!
13. The Groomsmen Suit – Why An Ultimate Luxury Custom Experience May Be What You Need!
14. How to Embrace Traditional Wedding Etiquette in a Modern Way
15. Jumping the Broom: A Bride’s Secret Fantasy or Tradition?
16. Top Romantic Proposal Ideas in Miami For The Adventurous Couple
17. Wedding Wines: Everything a Bride Need to Know!
18. Select Valentine’s Day – What Does Love Have to Do With It?
19. Destination Weddings and Why South Florida is a Prime Location
20. 3 Types of Marriages You Should Know For Planning Your Wedding!